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2017 GFOA Conference – The Implementation Challenge: Why Asset Management Plans Sit on the Shelf – Jody Rechenmacher and Brittney Dawney


Urban Systems will be nicely represented at the Western Canada Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) conferenceas.Jody Rechenmacher and Brittney Dawney, both from our Vancouver office, will be hosting their presentation titled, The Implementation Challenge: Why Asset Management Plans Sit on the Shelf. For further information about their session please read the abstract below.

Presentation Abstract

As awareness grows of the importance of asset management in sustainable service delivery, many local governments have or are in the process of developing asset management policies, strategies, and plans. However, local governments often struggle to implement them, and many strategic documents end up sitting on the shelf. Years later, they are revisited, a gap analysis is conducted, new recommendations are made, and the implementation challenge continues. The question is: Why?

Asset management is typically viewed as a technical problem, and indeed, this is true for many pieces of the asset management pie: for example, inventorying assets, assessing risk, defining levels of service, and establishing funding mechanisms. Because these pieces are complicated, local governments often engage technical experts to undertake analyses and develop recommendations. This results in outcomes for the local government that are technically sound but do not reflect what successful implementation ultimately relies upon: the ability of a group of people to come together and effectively make change happen.
In this fun and engaging session, we will shine the light on the “people” side of asset management, and share our insights into how to keep your asset management plan off the shelf.


Jody Rechenmacher, Community Infrastructure Consultant, P.Eng.
Brittney Dawney, Community and Water Strategy Consultant

Jody Rechenmacher, Community Infrastructure Consultant
Jody works alongside local governments and community organizations to develop strategies, plans, designs, and processes to improve public service delivery, sustainability, and civic health. As a professional engineer, Jody draws on her technical background, international experience, and facilitation and process expertise to translate and integrate diverse perspectives, leading to system-level solutions. Jody is a consultant with Urban Systems Ltd. and a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia’s Sustainability Committee. She is also a director and Community Catalyst with Urban Matters CCC, a social venture platform developed to bridge the business, philanthropy, and public sectors to create and implement system changing initiatives and better outcomes for communities. Jody is also the board chair and co-founder of the Engineering Leadership Council, a registered non-profit organization working to shift the paradigm of the engineering profession to realize better social outcomes of infrastructure projects.

Brittney Dawney, Community Consultant
Brittney works with local governments and First Nations across Western Canada to continuously improve how they work together, make decisions, and deliver services to their communities. Her experience includes asset management maturity assessments; integrated service delivery planning; multi-criteria decision analysis; strategic communications; and small- and large-group facilitation. Brittney recognizes that behind every technical problem and solution is a change management process that requires individual and organizational learning and development. She leverages her engineering and executive coaching experience to bring together diverse people and perspectives, foster commitment for a common way forward, and build capacity in people to support long-term implementation and improved outcomes. In addition to working as a consultant with Urban Systems, Brittney is a volunteer with the Urban Systems Foundation and is advising the development and implementation of a capacity-building program aimed at improving water governance and service delivery in rural Uganda.

For more information about the conference, visit the website here.

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