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2017 TAC Conference Presentations – Complete Streets Design Principles and Finding a Way for New Mobility

The 2017 Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Conference and Exhibition – the pre-eminent annual event for Canadian transportation and roadways professionals – will take place in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, September 24th to 27th. Phil Kirkham and Chun Man, are both Transportation Engineers from our Calgary office. Phil will be presenting on the topic of Complete Streets and how they are transforming our communities into liveable spaces for all to enjoy. Chun’s topic is titled “Finding a Way for New Mobility”, read more about each presentation below.

Presentation Abstract – The Complete Street

Phil Kirkham, Transportation Engineer

When: Wednesday, September 27 at 8:30 – 10:00
Where: St. John’s Convention Centre, Pippy room
Presenter: Phil Kirkham, P.Eng, Transportation Engineer

The Complete Street is rapidly being accepted and implemented in municipalities throughout the world to create a more inclusive and safe environment for all road users. The inability of many existing corridors to safely transport vulnerable road users to and from significant generators, while ensuring a road is also seen as a destination in and of itself, is an ongoing challenge municipalities face. Promoting the economic vibrancy of a corridor and the adjacent land uses through implementation of a safe, pedestrian-friendly, and aesthetically inviting corridor is quickly becoming a priority for many municipalities as antiquated design practices are superseded with new guidelines.

This presentation explores a real-world example of applied design principles employed to enhance road safety within an urban setting through exploration of a case study. The case study project area will be reviewed to identify why the specific corridor and surrounding area was identified for conversion to a Complete Street/Grand Boulevard. Complete Street design recommendations and best practices will be reviewed prior to exploring which key components were applied to the specific case study. An emphasis will be placed on the case study’s connectivity of a major transit hub to a significant shopping centre facility as well as the specific corridor enhancements applied to prioritize safe and efficient movement of vulnerable road users. A review of the custom roadway geometrics utilized to strike a balance between road safety, traffic operations, pedestrian accessibility, active modes, and transit will be explored.

Applicable design standards and guidelines referenced during the design of the case study project will be reviewed and Complete Street design principles that were modified or compromised during design and construction will be discussed. The presentation will examine the challenges of implementing Complete Streets design principles which often employ customized geometrics and do not necessarily correlate with historically approved best practices and design guidelines. From concept development to construction, the review and approval process will be explored to highlight some of the design compromises that were made to reach a balanced end product.

The strategy for effective design and implementation of an urban corridor retrofit project will be presented with a breakdown of fundamental and applicable Complete Street best practices to create a safe and inviting experience for all road users.

Read Phil’s full length paper here.

61ST Ave SW Greenway Corridor Complete Street Project

Presentation Abstract – Finding a Way for New Mobility

Chun Man – Transportation Engineer
When: Monday, September 25 at 15:45 – 17:15
Where: St. John’s Convention Centre, Victoria 2 room
Presenter: Chun Man, P.Eng, Transportation Engineer

Emerging Issues in Urban Transportation: The Promise and Perils of New Mobility Panel Session
The presentation is a summary of the current industry practices for new mobility systems and includes possible implementation strategies as Cities and Communities navigate their way through emerging technologies and the issues that are generated as a result from evolving mobility choice. The complexity of disruptive mobility will require Cities to rethink how to tackle urban and rural transportation matters in a rapidly changing environment.

City and Community leaders will need to actively participate in the evolution of transportation and the role transportation technology plays in the daily lives of community members. New policy and the acceleration of sustainable urban design practices will continue to play an important role for new development.

As communities continue to experience grow, the demand for transportation services will follow a similar trend. Travel demand management strategies will continue to shape the demand on existing infrastructure and the available capacity during peak and non-peak periods.

As autonomous vehicles and other new mobility services enter an existing transportation system, policy and services models will need to adapt to the insatiable appetite for technology enabled services by rethinking suburban development, vehicle ownership, ridesourcing services and transit allocations.

More about Chun

Chun is a Transportation Engineer with a background in planning, operations and design. He has experience conducting functional planning studies, transportation master plans, traffic modelling and on demand mobility services in British Columbia and Alberta. Chun is passionate about improving the people carrying capacity for transportation networks and believes providing a variety of safe and vibrant travel modes to users is the first step in an array of potential solutions. Chun is an active member with the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers.

2017 TAC Road Safety Engineering Award Finalist

Calgary’s City Centre Cycle Track Network In-Service Road Safety Review

Brian Patterson – Active Transportation Planner

When: Tuesday, September 26th – 15:45-16:45
Where: Delta St. John’s Hotel and Conference Centre, Salon F
Project Finalist: Calgary’s City Centre Cycle Track Network In-Service Road Safety Review, presentation by Brian Patterson

Urban Systems has been named a finalist for the TAC Road Safety Engineering Award that is organized by TAC’s Road Safety Standing Committee.This presentation will summarize the results of an innovative In-Service Road Safety Review that was recently conducted for the City of Calgary’s Centre City Cycle Track Network Pilot Project. This study helped the City assess the safety performance of the entire cycle track network as part of over 80 performance indicators that were developed as part of the pilot project. The study identified safety issues based on extensive field observations, site tours, video recordings, stakeholder engagement, and technical analysis and recommended mitigation measures to improve safety for all road users. Based on the results of the pilot project monitoring program, City Council subsequently approved making the cycle track network permanent.

All finalists have been asked to give background to their project and Brian Patterson, our Active Transportation leader, will present to the committee.

For more information about the conference, visit the TAC website.

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