Erin Welk – Energy Futures Lab Fellow

Erin Welk – Energy Futures Lab Fellow

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) in Alberta recently reviewed over 100 applications and announced the carefully chosen names of 40 fellows—key influencers from industry, Aboriginal communities, government, NGOs and more. The fellows will collaborate together over the next three years to help Alberta shift to a more sustainable energy system. We are proud to report that Erin Welk from our Calgary office was one of the chosen fellows.

Video produced by the Energy Futures Lab

Erin is an Urban Planner and Clean Energy Professional who is passionate about working with communities to uncover creative opportunities for reducing energy use, building resiliency and creating vibrant neighbourhoods. Erin’s expertise lies in identifying and integrating energy solutions within our built environment – through planning, development, and decision-­making at both municipal and provincial scales. She is skilled in building relationships, facilitating diverse stakeholder groups, and public consultation. After several years in energy advocacy roles related to smart growth, energy efficiency/conservation and renewables, her role at Urban Systems allows her to bring together interdisciplinary teams to help communities tackle complex challenges and implement tangible solutions.

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