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$13 billion required in BC for renewal of water/wastewater infrastructure

Are our Water Systems at Risk?

Financial sustainability is a key principle for safeguarding water, sewer, and storm water systems so that they continue to protect public health and the environment, and contribute to economic development.

BC-Water-ReportThe BCWWA, together with Urban Systems, has recently assessed the financial capacity of British Columbia’s municipalities to maintain, renew, and replace our existing water and wastewater infrastructure. Here are copies of the summary document and full report, entitled Are Our Water Systems at Risk?

The BCWWA encourages local governments to self-assess the financial sustainability of their water and sewer systems, compare their community’s results to the results presented in our report, and prioritize water and wastewater renewal and replacement projects for capital investment.

The work is intended to be a catalyst for conversation between water professionals, residents, businesses, and elected officials – to build understanding about the value of BC’s water and wastewater systems.

The following resources are available:

Over the next month, the BCWWA will be distributing the Executive Summary report to all municipal CAOs, Mayors & Councils, and MLAs.

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