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A New Season at the Boys and Girls Club



The Calgary Foundation team kicked off their Boys and Girls Club monthly mentoring sessions with a Halloween party. It was a great turn out with around 20 children attending.

The children made lanterns using jars, construction paper and glow sticks to light them up.

“It’s a really popular event for the kids,” says Erin Eyre, who absolutely loves Halloween herself and showed up to the party disguised as a good witch. “The lanterns are easy to make and require fairly little effort, yet they have such a big impact.”

Erin reports that some of the lanterns were quite detailed.

“Ariane made handles this time,” says Erin. “She poked holes into the flat part of the jar lids, stuck a wire through and put beads underneath to secure it.”

The team talked to the children about staying safe on Halloween night by keeping off the roads and staying in groups.

The children shared their Halloween plans and trick-or-treat stories, while sampling some fun-size chocolate bars and Twizzlers candy.


Winter Safety

2016-11-17-bird-houses-img_1807-800pxThe November monthly mentoring theme was winter safety. Calgary’s health and wellness committee led the event. Team members include: Dan Salamandyk, Dan Nyentap, Leigh Chmilar, Matt Philip, Clint Bruce and Elias Hernandez.

“Our health and wellness team noticed that with the cold winter months coming soon, it would be important to talk to the kids about staying safe and warm while outside,” says Elias, who also oversees the Foundation team’s monthly visits to the Boys and Girls Club.

Elias gave a talk on winter safety, underlining the importance of having proper outdoor clothing, taking frequent warm-up breaks, being careful around slippery and icy surfaces, and identifying some of the winter hazards to avoid.

The children painted mini birdhouses as a craft activity.

“The kids were able to select their own birdhouse and decorate it however they liked,” says Elias. All the volunteers joined in to paint birdhouses, too. “At the completion of the activity, we were able to build a city!”

2016-11-17-bird-houses-img_1804-800pxThe children also had fun playing foosball with Matt, Dan S. and Dan N., who were able to share a few pointers on the game.

Elias enjoys the collaboration and team atmosphere in putting the events together.

“The kids really look forward to us coming every month,” he says. “It’s heartwarming to realize that they remember us and ask how we are doing. The most important thing is that we can definitely see that we are influencing their lives in a positive way.”

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