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Baby Hunger Games

As volunteers from the Calgary office packed goods one afternoon at the Calgary Food Bank, they noticed the lack of donations for babies and toddlers.

“With a wave of pregnancies and new parents in the Calgary branch, it hit home,” says Lee Giddens, organizer of the volunteer outing. “A few fun discussions about racing babies led to the idea of a baby-themed Olympics. Several groups within the office helped launch the event, organized diaper orders and facilitated the Baby Hunger Games relay.”

In full support of the concept, Kris Nelson became involved in the initiative early on.

“We got a competitive spirit going,” says Kris. “We also teamed up with the food bank and let them know what we were doing.”

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While the Calgary Food Bank accepts new and opened packages of diapers year round, the month of May marked their fourth annual Bare Bottoms Diaper Drive for 5,000 ‘baby hampers’.

The Urban Systems Foundation’s Baby Hunger games included taste-testing five bowls of mashed up fruits and vegetables to guess the ingredients.

2016-05-26 Baby Hunger Games IMG_7745 - 500pxA lucky 25 staff members were randomly selected to compete for entrance into a relay race. Staff ‘voted’ for the top 12 to participate, by the amount of cash and items they donated in that individual’s name.

The relay was held on May 26, 2016. Those who received the highest donations grouped into 3 teams of 4 people. Each participant had to chug a glass of milk and complete a circuit of the track with a baby (doll) in a stroller, weaving through the pylons in the warehouse area of the Calgary office.

Within each circuit was one unique task to complete before passing the stroller onto the next teammate: swaddle-the-baby; identify the chocolate bar melted in a diaper; or change the baby’s diaper.

2016-05-26 Baby Hunger Games IMG_7379 - 800pxOne member of each team was given a list of 10 items to find among a mountain of donations.

“All these activities were intended to mimic what parents have to do on a daily basis,” says Kris. “They had to try not to drop anything, get distracted or fight over things. It was very entertaining to watch!”

The funds raised along with a mountain of items (such as food, diapers and wipes) were donated to the Calgary Food Bank.

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