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ACI’s First Steps at Bridging the Gap

The Foundation’s Aboriginal Communities Initiative (ACI) team had the opportunity to meet with First Nations groups at the Bridging the Gap conference in Burnaby, BC from May 16 to 18.

Bridging the GapThe conference was hosted by Sto:lo Nation and was well-attended by Indigenous communities from all parts of BC including Northwest, Northeast, Interior, Kootenays, Lower Mainland and Vancouver.

“Until now, the Foundation’s focus has been on local or backyard and international initiatives,” says Trina. “The purpose of the ACI is to provide philanthropic support to Indigenous communities.”

ACI’s first priority is to understand First Nation communities’ needs to ensure that any support provided is relevant and impactful.

Trina Wamboldt and Rhonda Maskiewich facilitated a discovery workshop that included a very engaged discussion among people from over 30 different communities.

“It was a good geographic representation,” says Trina. “We’re just starting to find out what is needed and what can be supported through the Foundation.”

The team will be creating a white paper that will be distributed to the participants of the conference and interested businesses.

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