Calling all Civil Engineering Technologist/Technicians. Is Fort St. John for you?

Urban Systems is seeking a Civil Engineering Technologist/Technician to join their Fort St. John branch.

Fort St. John is a boomtown with exciting projects and strong, solid professional relationships. We work side-by-side with clients “in the trenches” on a level rare at other branches. (Some we’ve worked with over 30 years!) This established trust means more to clients than the bottom dollar; many projects are sole source or go straight to the work program.

If you have to convince a partner to move with you to Fort St. John, their career prospects may be better than you might imagine. In one case, a spouse was offered three jobs before the move even happened.

Urban Systems owns a condominium and all employees new to Fort St. John can live there during their transition period. This lessens the pressure of finding accommodation straight away.

Join our team in Fort St. John
The current team consists of 14 people (and the occasional well-behaved pet), two of which are originally from Fort St. John. All of the others have come from much bigger cities. There’s a family dynamic among the team. They’re friends who might go for an occasional beer after work or socialize at a rooftop BBQ on a weekend. It’s the kind of community where everyone knows everyone.

In Fort St. John, everything is within ten minutes’ drive. There’s no traffic. You never get stuck. The roads are flat. It’s easy to cycle to the opposite side of town in under 20 minutes. Most Urban Systems staff live within a seven-minute walk from the office.

Fort St. John has all the shops and services you’ll need, but it’s a lot less commercialized than bigger cities. Less shopping means less consumerism. The lifestyle is simple. Activities tend toward a healthy focus in a beautiful, natural environment.

It’s true, there are hunters and 4×4 trucks; but the city is growing with new businesses opening all the time. The city has a Walmart, Dollarama, Winners, Staples, Chatter’s Hair Salon, Original Joe’s, pubs and eateries. For a bigger shopping trip, it’s a 2.5 hour drive to Grande Prairie.

Winters are sunny, though a parka is a good investment here, as in most Canadian cities. Northern lights are one of the priceless gifts of living in this community.

It’s a peaceful area with gorgeous views (and no high rises to block them). There’s a massive forest park near the office where you might spot deer or even moose. You don’t have to go far to feel re-energized by the natural beauty.

If you’re a Civil Engineering Technologist/Technician and Fort St. John sounds like the place for you, please send your resume to For more information about the position visit our job description PDF.

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