Our employees turn heartfelt compassion into uplifting action.

Compassionate Community

The Urban Systems Foundation supports employee-driven initiatives inspired to positively enhance lives.

At each branch, employees share their creative ideas for meaningful ways to contribute to the local community. They generously volunteer time, energy and passion to initiatives. Teams select activities that personally motivate them. It may be serving meals to the homeless; mentoring children and young adults through sharing knowledge and building confidence; or using practical skills to build a playground or a community garden.

In autumn, each branch submits an annual initiative plan that lists the projects to which they are especially committed. Year round, employees will help with other important opportunities that arise and tug at the heart. This may include: fundraising for people affected by incidents such as an earthquake, flood or wildfire; rallying to help an individual or family in a time of crisis or exceptional need; or participating in events that aid a need we feel compelled to support.

The Gifts of Sharing

We believe that ‘giving back’ is its own reward. It feels good to help others. When we freely give our support to people, we raise the collective well-being of the communities we live in. We create a world in which we can thrive.

A Mission to Guide Us

The Urban Systems Foundation has a mission, vision and guiding principles which each branch team upholds through their chosen initiatives.

Beyond Our Backyards

Our branches unite efforts and partner with organizations to sponsor projects that empower communities internationally, too. Watch this video to find out more about our work in Peru.

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