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Our Foundation AGM and 20th Anniversary

The first Urban Systems Foundation initiative sprouted from the Kamloops branch, so in the 20th anniversary year of becoming a charity, the Foundation Board held their Annual General Meeting in the same city.

Kris Nelson, Gordon Petersen, Terry-Jo Jardine, Peter Coxon, Shannon McQuillan, John Weninger, Nicole Rogers, Mercedes Braun, Lisa Bruvold, Roberto Binda and Annie Zalezsak. Not in the photo, Blair Smith.

The day began with a visit from several directors on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops. Over breakfast, executive director, Traci Anderson and president, Cliff Robertson, talked about Power Start and how much they valued our Kamloops volunteers’ commitment to this breakfast program. Urban Systems employees, John Dumbrell and Jamie Campone, are also Board members of the Kamloops Club and were in attendance. (We’ll be sharing a separate story about this soon.)

John Dumbrell, Jamie Campone, Cliff Robertson and Traci Anderson.

Mid-morning, the Board took a short break to hang out and chat with staff over some celebratory cupcakes. The Board’s president, Roberto Binda, shared a few words about how the Foundation began and the contributions that Terry-Jo Jardine and Peter Coxon have made to the Foundation Board.

New Director at Large, John Weninger, and new Officer-Treasurer, Nicole Rogers, were in attendance for the first time.

Trademark registration

An application for the trademark registration of the Foundation logo was filed on September 13, 2017. A final step in the registration process was a declaration of the logo’s use by submitting examples of it on our intranet and website pages, newsletter, letterhead, and in photos where volunteers are wearing Foundation shirts and aprons.

On March 18, 2019, an official certificate of registration was issued in association with the following classification:

Services 36 Charitable fundraising services; charitable fundraising campaigns; charitable fundraising campaigns through charitable events.

Which Foundation Anniversary should we celebrate?

There are a number of significant dates related to the formation of the Urban Systems Foundation.

  • April 25, 1996: The Urban Systems Board endorses the establishment of our own charitable organization.
  • September 10, 1996: The issue date of our Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act.
  • October 1996: First of a number of applications submitted to Revenue Canada.
  • June 22, 1999: The date that the Revenue Canada charitable registry portal indicates the Foundation’s status is in effect.
  • September 1999: The date we received notice of approval as recorded in our historical notes.
  • November 1999: Urban Systems commits to their first monetary donation.
  • July 2000: The first Board of Directors are elected.

“The decision was to recognize 1999 as the start of year one for the Foundation,” says Roberto. “This is when we began actively implementing the philosophy of ‘giving back’ through Foundation initiatives, starting with a six-month work experience opportunity for a youth at our Kamloops office.” Shortly thereafter, Gerry Tonn’s proposal for a vocational school in Brazil was backed by the Foundation Board’s approval of an investment critical in moving the project forward.

While we can recognize the 20th Anniversary of the Urban Systems Foundation any time this year, we’re encouraging small scale acknowledgements at the branches, particularly between June 22 and September 30.

Also on the agenda

In addition to the usual order of business and each director providing their reports, other agenda items included:

  • a presentation by Ken Gauthier about Urban Matters;
  • a grapple session on alternative-impact investment opportunities for our working capital;
  • ensuring the health of our teams through 2018 feedback and 2019 focus; and
  • deciding on Calgary for the next Foundation Board meeting in October.

After a long and intense day of reporting, grappling and information-sharing, it’s a wrap!

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