Gauthier goes to Social Innovation Week with questions

What does Social Innovation Week mean for communities once the events are over?

As Social Innovation Week approaches in cities across Canada this week, Ken Gauthier of Urban Matters has some critical questions.
Ken is part of the team that organized the annual Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) Global Gathering in Vancouver on May 27-29. Last year, he was one of 100 selected attendees for the gathering in Seoul, South Korea. SIX Summer Schools draw in top social innovators from around the globe to a different locale each year. They talk shop, share experiences and grow the community of people innovating how businesses, NGO’s, governments address social issues. This is the first SIX gathering to take place in North America.

Since SIX Summer School is an invite-only event, the gathering sparked a series of other public events happening throughout the week in Vancouver and other Canadian cities.
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