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John Weninger to discuss Financial Sustainability at the upcoming GFOA-BC Conference

John Weninger – Financial Sustainability Strategist
In the ever-growing field of developing long-term strategic financial sustainability for municipalities, there are few experts in North America who bring the depth in both technical and financial expertise that John Weninger does.

Deeply experienced in asset management, financial policy, practical problem solving and ultimately, supporting thriving communities, today John is a principal at Urban Systems and a sought after consultant for municipalities who want to ensure a healthy and sustainable financial future.

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of BC is holding its annual conference in Whistler, BC from June 1-3. John will be a featured presenter on June 2, his session aptly titled “Financial Sustainability” will examine how having a clear overarching philosophy on financial management can lead to better decision making and long term financial sustainability. This session will give the participants an overall understanding of what financial sustainability is and what tools are available and how they can be aligned to achieve financial sustainability.

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