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Kelowna Blood Donor Challenge

The 2nd Annual Engineering Challenge Blood Drive happens in Kelowna for the month of April. Over the last year, this will be the third time that the Kelowna team has gone together as a group to donate blood (going once in between the annual challenges).

The challenge goes out to all engineering, consulting and planning companies in Kelowna to see who can get the largest percentage of their staff donating blood and/or the most new donors in April.

We’re challenging staff at all of Urban’s branches to donate blood in April as well!

There is an urgent need for blood across Canada. 52% of Canadians say they have (or know someone who has) needed blood or blood products, yet only 4% of Canadians donate blood. Read more…

If you’re inspired to give blood as well, please complete the eligibility quiz before you donate. You can also read more on eligibility and travel outside North America within the last year. If you have questions, call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

For more information, please visit www.blood.ca.

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