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Manitoba Planning Conference, Brandon, May 15-17


The City of Brandon will be hosting this year’s Manitoba Planning Conference, May 15th-17th at the Victoria Inn and Conference Centre. Our presence in Manitoba is relatively new when we opened an office in downtown Winnipeg and this year we are excited to be an event sponsor as a reflection of our commitment to community planning in Manitoba. Along our sponsorship we will be giving 4 different presentations from our professionals who work from our downtown Winnipeg office. For further information about the conference visit the event website.Learn more about the sessions we’ll be leading below.

Creating Active and Safe Mobility for Children through School Travel Planning

When: Thursday May 11, 11:10 AM – 12:10 PM
Jamie Hilland, Sustainable Transportation Planner, Urban Systems
Ryan Segal, RPP, MCIP, Community Planner, Urban Systems

Jamie Hilland
Ryan Segal
For decades, cities and towns in North America have prioritized transportation infrastructure, often exclusively favouring automobiles. Yet, the level of freedom for children to move without dependence on vehicles, can be considered “an indicator of the success and resilience of a city” (Freeman & Tranter, 2011). As independent mobility decreases in our communities, children become further removed from all realms of active public life. As a result, physical inactivity is on the rise and inactivity among children and youth, has been described as an international epidemic (Mammen et al, 2013). In response, Canadian communities have begun to incorporate active modes of transportation into their infrastructure planning and funding.

This session will look at a variety of efforts in Manitoba and beyond to enable children’s independent mobility and environmental familiarity. From School Travel Planning in Winnipeg, to best practices in environmental design and wayfinding in communities throughout the world, this session will explore the process of working with school children to develop plans and provide inspiring examples of child‐friendly design that promotes safe and fun mobility.

Urban Reserves – The Success Stories you never hear about…

When: Thursday May 11, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Presenter: Andrew Baigent, Community Planner and Manitoba Practice Leader, Urban Systems

Andrew Baigent
For far too long Urban Reserves have been misunderstood by too many people. In reality, Urban Reserves can provide a phenomenal opportunity for indigenous and non-indigenous communities to come together in the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and innovative land use planning. Come learn more about the Urban Reserve success stories you never hear about…

Planning for People, Taking Action on Climate Change

When: Friday May 12, 9:40 AM – 10:40 AM
Presenter: Mike Wakely, Community Planner, Urban Systems

Mike Wakely
Join us for an informative session on how Winnipeg’s Climate Change Action Plan successfully incorporates innovative public engagement with City residents and local technical experts to create a plan that is both evidence-based and community driven. Through a coordinated effort with the City of Winnipeg and Urban Systems’ diverse team of professionals and practitioners, the Climate Action Plan demonstrates how a climate lens applied to planning can advance more sustainable practices throughout the community and empower citizens and leaders to action.

Alternative Approaches to Foster Winter Communities

When: Friday May 12, 11:10 AM – 12:10 PM
Presenter: Dan Penner, Community Planner, Urban Systems

Dan Penner
Join Urban Systems in this interactive session that explores fostering winter communities through small cumulative interventions that provide practical and functional contributions to the Winter experience. In 2017, the City of Fort St. John reinvigorated a longstanding ambition to become a winter-city leader in Canada. With the technical guidance of Urban Systems, a cost-effective, practical and readily implementable Winter Strategy was created. The Strategy focuses on enhancing quality of life for all residents through targeted “micro-projects” and building a “Winter Citizenship” culture in the community. The project team utilized academic research and their practice and personal experiences to develop a customized work plan to move Fort St. John forward as a winter-city. This session will tell the story of the Winter Strategy from conception to implementation and demonstrate how it can be applied from a neighbourhood to city-wide scale.

Dan is a Winnipeg born and based planner who has a passion for working with communities to enhance winter quality of life through resource effective and readily implementable strategies.

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