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New 3D Laser Scanner Fuels Possibility

Land survey techniques sure have come a long way since the time of ancient Egypt. From the peg and rope system dating back to 2700 BC, we now have sophisticated equipment that allows for extremely precise measurements. That said, the trusty measuring tape is definitely still one of a surveyors best friends! But for those moments when precise technology is needed, Urban Systems now has a powerful new weapon – a 3D laser scanner that measures 1 million points per second with millimetre-level accuracy.

Delving into Client Workflow

Jingjing Dou – Geomatics Project Associate
The new laser scanner is allowing Urban’s Survey and Geomatics team to truly take surveying to the next level. The team has already explored numerous possibilities for integrating the laser scanner into workflows. “Now, we have the ability to build our services based on comprehensive geomatics information,” explains Jingjing Dou, a geomatics project associate based at our Edmonton branch.

These services could include things such as: a detailed site plan for civil engineers; a 3D site model for landscape architects; a 3D building model for architects; a bridge model for structural engineers; and even a GIS database for asset management.

“We just finished scanning a campus of about 4,024,000 square feet within two days,” says Jingjing. “The laser scanner captures all the on-site features such as terrain elevations, tree inventories, parking lots, curbs, building boundaries and facades, manholes, fences and anything you can see standing there.

“Nowadays, in architecture, engineering and construction a renovation project starts with creating a 3D model of the as-built. The process can be challenging due to the out-of-date drawings and limited measuring techniques. If a building is designed based on inaccurate as-built information, in an extreme case, 90% of the walls may have to be knocked down and rebuilt.”

Thanks to the new laser scanner, we can now improve work efficiency and save costs. The possibilities to be creative are opened up and we are able to work together in real time even more closely with clients, as together we imagine and design their finished project.

For further technical details and videos, check out our 3D laser scanning services page.

Here is a quick slideshow showcasing the various forms of content that can be created using the 3D scanner.

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