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New Mobility and Autonomous Vehicle Possibilities – CITE Presentation – September 6, Vancouver Public Library

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Earlier this year Jeremy Finkleman, a Community Planner in Vancouver, developed an online survey to collect data on people’s perceptions of how autonomous vehicles may impact their lives. Survey questions were framed to provide insights on AV implications on willingness to travel longer distances, land use, impacts on vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT), parking, multi-modality (including willingness to use transit in an AV-dominant system), and opportunities for vehicle reduction. Jeremy’s presentation will share some of the key insights gathered from the survey and suggest next steps municipalities and agencies could take to ensure they are planning proactively for this seismic shift to the transportation network.

On Thursday September 6, Jeremy will be presenting his findings from the survey at the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library at the GVITE Lunch Meeting. Register for the event here.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Finkleman, MCIP, RPP
Jeremy is a transportation planner and new mobility specialist with a strong background in transportation business cases, traffic operational analysis, traffic modeling, and multi-modal integrated planning studies. Over the past three years, Jeremy has spearheaded a process to develop 21st century tools to streamline transportation network assessments and planning, working in tandem with a global GPS firm to develop in-vehicle methods of operationalizing big data offerings to assess roadway delays, speeds, and traffic volumes. Additionally, Jeremy is co-leading Urban System’s nascent Automated Vehicle practice and is pioneering a new practice area in car sharing, working and advising clients as to how best to leverage new mobility applications in pursuit of strategic goals. Jeremy also has a strong background in transit planning with experience in long range transit planning, service planning, and transit priority treatments.

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