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Kelowna’s On Point Series #4: Getting Unstuck – Transportation? Dec. 8

Urban-Systems-OnPointCardPlease join us for a casual evening of local beer, wine, food, music, and art — where we will hear from industry experts and you — community members interested in the future of Kelowna.

On Point is in support of the City of Kelowna’s community-centred initiative, Imagine Kelowna.

When: Thursday December 8, 7:00 PM – 10 PM
Where: Laurel Packinghouse, 1304 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC
Featured Speakers: Chad Kohalyk, Joseph Hlady
Tickets are FREE, RSVP via Eventbrite

Doors open at 7 PM and the program begins at 7:30 PM. Coffee, tea, light snacks, and desert will be served. Beer, wine, and ciders will be available at the CASH ONLY bar.

Speaker Biographies

Chad Kohalyk – Technology Program Manager


Probably the worst transportation Chad has ever been on is a 36 hour “bed bus” trip through the Taklamakan Desert in Chinese Turkestan. Luckily all the smoking on the bus blocked the smells of the chickens and goats. The best would be public transit in Japan, where he lived for almost a decade. Now he resides in Kelowna with his wife and two children, writing about never owning a car in his 38 years of life.


Joseph Hlady – Head of Sales, Engineering, Environment and Infrastructure at Civil Maps

Urban-Systems-Joseph-HladyWith 15+ years of experience developing and commercialize geomatics and geospatial services, technology and solutions, Joseph has experience with nearly every facet of geomatics technology. Recently Joseph has grown his consulting business to include investment in and supporting the commercialization of start-ups in the geomatics industry. He is currently helping Civil Maps, an artificial intelligence company, commercialize their technology for the autonomous vehicle and engineering industries. Joseph is passionate about the future of autonomous vehicles and the lifesaving impact they will have on society.

Lisa McIntosh – Urban Harvest Organic Delivery

Urban-Systems-Lisa-MLisa loves getting around on her own speed whenever possible. She has been known to haul kids/bikes/frozen organic chickens/mountains of library books/veggies (surprise!), and countless other items behind her bike, and she loves to walk/bus/carpool too. She tries to organize her life and business in such a way as to minimize driving as much as possible, for herself and others. She works most often from a home office, which is conveniently located 3 minutes (by bike) from her warehouse! In fact, it’s no accident that half of the Urban Harvest team live within a 4 km radius of the warehouse and cycle to work at least some of the time, with two of the further out folks carpooling on a daily basis.

To learn more about Urban Harvest Organic Delivery watch this short video:

Entertainment for the Evening

Erin Scott – Spoken Word Poet

Erin is a spoken word poet and playwright. She focuses on community art development, youth and female empowerment, and subversive humour. Her work has been published in Papershell, produced in InspiraTO and West Queens West Street Festivals, and in Ricepaper Magazine (December 2015).

Watch Erin’s wonderful performance from our last event titled ‘Water is a Sadistic Stalker‘:

Imagine Kelowna is about our future. It is our collective vision for our community.


How can we move from vision to reality when shaping the very city we work and play in? Mayor, Council and City staff will do their part – they will use our vision to inform investments, efforts and decisions within our community. Awesome. That’s one piece of the puzzle. But we, as community members, have a part to play as well.

On Point: A Series of Upside Down Town Halls is your invitation to participate in building the future of Kelowna through four evenings of open dialog amongst community members. Together, we will discuss relevant topics and create connections that deepen our community.

We can be provocative yet balanced by inviting better conversation. On Point is about sharing diverse stories from interesting people and mixing facts with opinions, emotions and feelings.

What are the timely and gritty topics that need greater attention in the Okanagan?

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