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Partners in Planning – 2018 SPPI Conference


The 2018 Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute (SPPI) Annual Conference will be held in Saskatoon, September 17 – 18 at the Sheraton Cavalier. 2 notable presentations will include our own Jingjing Dou, a Geomatics Project Associate and UAV Pilot from our Edmonton office and Ric Richardson who is the Mayor of the Northern Village of Green Lake. Both their presentations are featured below.

Capture a New Reality, Embrace a New Perspective – Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Engagement

When: Tuesday September 18th, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Presenter: Jingjing Dou, Geomatics Project Associate, Urban Systems
Presentation Description
Over the last decade, the geospatial industry has been experiencing tremendous technological advancements. Tools such as Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and laser scanner allow professionals to capture reality at a massive scale and in a timely manner improving the ability of professionals to collect key information that, until recently, was either too costly or difficult to gather. Through the application of these improvements, technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming more accessible to everyone.

In today’s market, geospatial service providers are becoming an integral part of multidisciplinary projects. Among the emerging technologies, some are having great impact on various professions. This workshop will discuss the technologies that are currently perceived as big influencers on planning and related work. We will explore how these cutting-edge technologies are integrated into the industry at a practical level; and show examples of how these advancements have been used in practical applications to provide on-the-ground and real time information to guide planning processes and decision making.

About Jingjing

Jingjing Dou – Geomatics Project Associate and UAV Pilot
Jingjing is the operations manager for Urban Systems UAV operation. Jingjing has her master’s degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering and has 6 years R&D experiences in multi-discipline engineering fields including automation & control, navigation, industrial engineering, and geomatics. At Urban, she is specialized in innovative geomatics technologies such as 3D laser scanning, UAV, and GIS. Her practice focuses on providing geospatial solutions for storm water, landscape architecture, BIM, geo-hazard investigation, bridge monitoring, planning, environmental assessment, and asset management.

When: Monday September 17th, 1:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Presenter Ric Richardson – The Mayor of Green Lake. He is responsible for leading the community towards self-sufficiency through renewable energy generation and spreading that message across the province.
Presentation Description

Mayor Ric Richardson
The Northern Village of Green Lake (Green Lake) has a rich history as one of the oldest communities in Saskatchewan. Green Lake is now considered a gateway to the North with many mining and oil operations in the area. While the community continues to deal with the effects and opportunities of these industries, Green Lake is continuously seeking opportunities to live gently on the land, while promoting sustainable community development.

Ensuring Green Lake has access to a stable, reliable, and affordable energy supply is critical to supporting the economic and social vibrancy of the community, and its overall self-sufficiency. In the spirit of advancing community energy self-sufficiency and redefining Green Lake’s relationship with energy, they engaged in a renewable energy opportunities assessment and business planning project. The project set the foundation for real and tangible energy project opportunities within the community, the first of which was the installation of a solar power system.

Driven to make renewable energy a reality, Green Lake successfully secured significant government and private sector grant funding to install a solar PV energy system on the roof of the local Community Centre. Since the solar PV system became operational in May 2017, the community has significantly benefitted from the cost savings achieved through powering the Community Centre with solar energy.

As an emerging leader in renewable energy generation that supports community economic development and self-sufficiency, Green Lake is motivated to build on the success of the Community Centre project and expand solar energy generation production in the community.

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