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Pedalling Organics in Edmonton

At our office in Edmonton, some neat ideas have recently taken seed.

It’s no secret that our team members love both fresh healthy food and supporting local business. So when Alex Coulliard, an EIT in Water Resources learned that Earth’s General Store & Organic Cafe, located just a few blocks away, was struggling she wondered if there was a way to help out.

Mike from Earth’s General Store dropping off some healthy snacks to Alex and Laura in our Edmonton office

Up until that point a larger chain had been delivering fresh fruit and veggies to the office, but after chatting with store owner Michael Kalmanovitch about whether he’d like to take over the weekly delivery service, the switch was made. Now Michael (who matches the chain’s prices and offers a wide variety of organic fruit, veggies, coffee and treats) loads up his bike once a week and delivers a basket of organic goodness to Urban’s office.

Laura Creswell, an EIT at Urban’s Edmonton office says that it just makes sense to bring the local community into another aspect of day-to-day life at Urban, and that decreasing the their carbon footprint is another added bonus. Because the office is in the busy downtown core, outsourcing to a larger company with big trucks didn’t make a lot of sense, whereas now the owner of the store comes in to deliver personally.

“People at our office really take partnering with the community to heart. We’ve had such positive feedback from team members. People love that we’re working with a local company and the quality is excellent. We order a base of stuff, and then Michael throws in a mix of goodies to meet our individual interests.” (Rumour has it that their famous Sprouted Green Lentil Hummus is a hit).

Michael, Earth’s General Store & Organic Cafe owner, says that his contract with Urban was the spark he needed to officially launch the Pedalling Organic Grocery Delivery Service, which delivers three sizes of Office Boxes (small, medium, large) to homes and offices in Edmonton’s downtown core.

And the homegrown service is catching on. A local architecture firm has signed on to the program, the City of Edmonton has tried it out, and more clients are trickling in as they hear about the cycling organic delivery man.

“A couple of Urban’s staff members had asked me about delivering an office box,” says Michael, “And their interest was just the push I needed to get moving on it. This is what I’d wanted to do all last year, but I’d only gotten as far as buying a cargo bicycle. Thanks to Urban Systems I am now doing two things I love – Bicycling and promoting organics.”

You can follow Michaels service on Twitter @PedalOrganics and at the Pedalling Organics Facebook page.

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