Central Coldstream Neighbourhood Plan

Project Description

We worked with the Coldstream Council to initiate a planning process for the Central Coldstream Neighbourhood. The goal of the Central Coldstream Neighbourhood Plan was to create a town centre in Coldstream. The concept of identifying and creating a town centre was first initiated over a decade ago during the District’s Official Community Plan review. The planning process covered a focused neighbourhood of Coldstream, which has a population of approximately 500 people.

The planning process included a comprehensive background report that compiled information to guide the Plan, including the existing planning documents and infrastructure studies for the area. The considerations brought out during the background planning phase included Agriculture Land Reserve and the improvements to storm water infrastructure.

The Central Coldstream Neighbourhood Plan introduced policies for land use and infrastructure, as well as informed the creation of a Sustainability Checklist to be used to assess the suitability of development applications. The Plan was followed by the formulation of a template for a Town Centre Zone, for the District to use for future development applications.


District of Coldstream, BC


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