Peachland’s Beach Avenue (Centennial Way) Roadway & Multi-use Pathway Upgrades

Project Description

This project has been renamed the ‘Centennial Way’ to celebrate the District of Peachland’s 100-year anniversary. The project extends the waterfront pathway along Lake Okanagan for an additional 1.2 kilometres northward. In addition to improving the roadway, and providing a safe and enjoyable route for non-motorized travel, this project marks a significant departure from the traditional approach to stormwater management.

The project features a 3m wide multi-use path, roadway improvements, improved parking and access to the waterfront, site furnishings constructed from 80% recycled materials, energy-efficient LED lighting, a pocket park, and a landscaped biofiltration swale that absorbs and filters stormwater generated by the roadway and multi-use pathway. The landscaped biofiltration swale transforms run-off into a celebrated resource and supports native and introduced species that provide habitat, spatial definition, and year-round visual interest to the waterfront. The stormwater design includes passive Best Management Practices to remove sediments and hydro-carbons prior to discharge to Lake Okanagan. Hidden beneath the path are chambers of structural soil that permit tree roots to penetrate out to the beach, ensuring the trees have adequate soil to reach maturity, and stabilizing the shoreline naturally.

Peachland’s waterfront was nominated by the Canadian Institute of Planners as a Great Places in Canada, and honoured by BC Recreation and Parks Association with the 2013 Provincial Parks and Open Spaces Award for excellent design, accessibility and community involvement.


District of Peachland, BC

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