Beacon Hill Outfall and Pipeline Upgrades – Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Project Description

We have completed the Preliminary and Detailed Design and Contract Specifications for the Beacon Hill Outfall and Pipeline Upgrades project. Beacon Hill is serviced by 3 pipes installed in the mid-1970’s (storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water supply) that connect the north end of the community with the Lower Townsite via a steep embankment. Replacement of the water supply pipe was recommended to improve the reliability of the south urban water supply system and provide redundancy as well.

The overall objectives of the project were to improve management and disposal of storm water and to replace undersized and deteriorating water and sewer mains servicing the Beacon Hill area. The project included upgrading three utility mains (water, stormwater and sanitary service), as well as several smaller storm pipes that service the Beacon Hill area.

The first year of construction was completed in 2015 and consisted of the storm and sanitary pipes, outfall and storm water treatment unit installation. The second year (2016 construction season) will include the upgrades to the sanitary and water pipeline, this work includes river and highway crossings.


Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, AB


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