Bow River Flood Prevention Study

Project Description

We worked with the Town of Cochrane by providing services for the feasibility of constructing a flood prevention berm along the north bank of the Bow River just upstream of the confluence with Jumpingpound Creek. Given that essential town infrastructure and new neighborhoods now exist along the Bow River at this location, the aim was to determine the need for flood protection based on updated hydrologic and hydraulic information.

We conducted cross-sectional surveys along both water bodies, and performed a hydraulic analysis to establish updated 100-year open water elevations within the study area. New Bow River hydrology (post 2013 Calgary flood), in combination with the surveyed cross-sections, were used to update Alberta Environment’s existing HEC-2 model of the Bow River and Jumpingpound Creek. The model was converted HEC-RAS and georeferenced. Results from the model were used to update the open water flood fringe and identify areas where private and public infrastructure was at risk. Based on the results of this assessment, potential flood protection measures were recommended to the town. These measures were recommended based on site factors such as accessibility, available of space, presence of vegetation and manpower required to implement the system.


Town of Cochrane, AB


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