Cenotaph Plaza

Project Description

The Cenotaph Plaza is a project in conjunction with the District of Invermere’s 7th Avenue Streetscape design that presents a unique opportunity to create a central gathering space within the downtown core. Located along 7th Avenue, the plaza space builds upon the sense of identity that has been established for the corridor while preserving, showcasing, and honouring a part of Invermere’s history. The project is a redesign and redevelopment of an enlarged landscaped island located in downtown Invermere that currently houses a cenotaph in honour of Canadians who served in the Korean War. The proposed layout incorporates dedicated seating areas, raised planters, a variety of special pavements, and a specimen Brandon Elm tree that will replace a large Russian Olive that has become an aesthetic and safety liability for the District. Deciduous street trees give definition to the plaza and the street alike. Flowering shrubs, manicured sod, and seasonal annuals soften the structured lines of the hardscape, with all materials remaining consistent with those previously implemented along the 7th Avenue corridor.

This project also demonstrates the collaborative potential of Urban Systems’ team of engineers, planners and landscape architects and the benefits of a holistic approach to design and community placemaking.


District of Invermere, British Columbia

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