Stormwater Reuse Strategies and Guidelines – City of Edmonton

Project Description

Urban Systems was retained by the City of Edmonton to investigate the potential for stormwater reuse within Edmonton and establish a foundation for the development of a reuse strategy, in support of The Way We Green Initiative. As part of the project, our team conducted a comprehensive review of stormwater re-use strategies across Canada and internationally to establish key drivers for change, highlight barriers, opportunities and gaps, determine the financial viability of the practice, and the state of current policy and regulation. These strategies were then reviewed for appropriateness in Edmonton’s context, and recommendations were developed for the City.

The study also included quantification of stormwater sources and potential uses within the City, classification of source suitability with respect to water quality and reliability of supply, and analysis of market demand. Opportunities for implementation in Edmonton and critical success factors were established.


City of Edmonton, Alberta

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