City of Kamloops and Kamloops Indian Band Rivers Trail

Project Description

The Rivers Trail project recognizes the importance of the Thompson Rivers as common to the history and future of two communities. The trail is a significant recreation amenity for a wide range of users and an alternative transportation system for commuters. The trail also tells the story of the rivers and the communities through interpretive displays, public art and design reflecting the major themes of nature/environment and history/heritage.

Urban Systems played a significant role in the Rivers Trail project from initial vision and conceptualization. Through project planning, community consultation, functional planning, design, approval processes and construction, Urban Systems helped to make the vision a reality. A multi-disciplinary team of landscape architects, engineers and planners successfully resolved critical challenges such as integrating street and trail designs, resolving bridge access, mitigating environmental impacts and managing tight budgets and schedules.


City of Kamloops and the Kamloops Indian Band

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