City of Kelowna Asset Managment Summary Report

Project Description

The City of Kelowna strives to be the best mid-sized community in British Columbia, with a diverse, affordable and sustainable infrastructure base for its residents. In order to achieve this vision, the City has proactively undertaken the development of an asset management business framework initiative to help inform and guide its infrastructure investment decision-making. As part of this initiative, an Asset Management Gap and Readiness Assessment Workshop was held with the City Managers and key staff. Workshop attendees unanimously agreed that asset management was a high priority for the City, discussed and identified the following next step priorities: build an asset management cross functional team, develop a complete inventory of assets, compile a long term infrastructure investment plan, develop a long term financial plan, build capacity with staff and effectively communicate with staff, council and the community.

We worked with the City of Kelowna to help advance its asset management progress by undertaking an asset by asset assessment of its future infrastructure renewal investment requirements, and its ability to accurately and efficiently locate, cost, and schedule these investments in a timely manner. To accomplish this, the City undertook an assignment to develop a long term (integrated) asset management investment plan, and assess its data inventory capabilities and current infrastructure support tool functionality.


City of Kelowna, BC

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