City of Kelowna Rails with Trails

Project Description

With a movement toward green infrastructure, alternative modes of transportation and an emphasis on healthy lifestyles, the public demand for increased cycling and pedestrian facilities and sustainable public landscapes is becoming more prevalent. Urban Systems was engaged to undertake detailed design of 1.8km of the multi-use pathway that runs alongside an active CN Rail corridor and associated landscape. To mitigate the potential for criminal behaviour along the multi-use pathway, the design process also included a Crime Prevention Through Environment Design review.

Landscape design and construction for the Rails with Trails project was developed in conjunction with the adjacent Central Okanagan Bypass, Phase I road project. The design concept was inspired by the scenic beauty of the Central Okanagan and a desire to create a sustainable public landscape; to bring the natural environment into the urban transportation corridor to create a strong sense of place and contribute to the ecological and environmental fabric of the city. These goals were achieved through mass plantings of drought tolerant plant material indigenous to the Kelowna area along with selected cultivars; planting of ponderosa pine seedlings to replace those lost in the pine beetle infestation; and temporary irrigation for establishment.


City of Kelowna, BC


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