City of Saskatoon – Complete Streets and Policy Guide

Project Description

Complete streets are one of many strategies to recalibrate how cities are planned and designed. In existing urban
areas, the guidelines for complete streets are being used help to encourage and support infill and densification of major roads and balance the way all modes can be accommodated within the public right-of-way. For newer growth areas of Saskatoon, the guidelines will be used to shape the City’s street design standards which may incorporate many of the principles and tools in the guide. With this in mind, complete streets imply more than the physical changes to community streets.

The application extends across planning, design, maintenance and funding for land use and transportation projects. A guide for complete streets can be achieved through clear policies and guidelines that influence land use and transportation plans as well as street design standards that influence new and retrofit projects.

The complete streets design guide highlights the following:
1. Current experience and aspirations in Saskatoon.
2. Key vision and principles for complete streets.
3. What others are doing.
4. Develop design guidelines for Saskatoon.


City of Saskatoon

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