City of Saskatoon Growth Plan – Sustainable Growth Patterns

Project Description

Saskatoon is experiencing one of the highest growth rates in Canada, the Growth Plan is designed to guide sustainable
growth and options for moving around the City with a doubling of both population and employment over the next 30 years. The Growth Plan outlines sustainable growth patterns in the form of strategic infill in the city centre, North Downtown and university areas as well as growth along major corridors to support integrated communities for people to live, work, shop, socialize and recreate.

Project Highlights

• Urban Planning. A 5-step process was used to identify and assess those major corridors in the City with the highest potential for growth and development. This part of the process considered land uses, zoning, market conditions, urban street character, architectural design as well as transportation and transit shaping influences.

• Planning design workshops were held with staff as well as the development communities to guide the overall process
and selection of priority corridors as well as to assess the general potential from private sector interests.

• Transit and transportation relationships to growth along each candidate corridor were considered. In particular,
conceptual layouts of optional BRT configurations and station areas were considered in the assessment of candidate nodes and corridors for redevelopment.

• Community policies will be developed to guide and shape local area planning and design guidelines for select high
priority corridors.


City of Saskatoon


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