City of Saskatoon – Growth to Half a Million

Project Description

We have helped the City of Saskatoon develop a “Growth to Half a Million” plan that will see it shift its future from being dominated by cars to a “walkable urbanism” with more transit and active transportation modes.

Our involvement is this multi-year project included; strategic planning, planning design workshops, development of guidelinesfor growth, travel market analysis, conceptual and functional design and preparing conceptual cost estimates of all options for the significant expansion of the City’s transit system. An in-depth study of river crossings in the city, developing a business case for rapid transit, identifying suitable locations for intensification, providing transit-supportive development and ensuring the development of complete streets, particularly along transit corridors.

The plan is the latest in a series of exciting steps Saskatoon is taking to engage residents and initiate land use plans that will shape a dynamic urban fabric within the core and along key transit corridors.

Read the Summary Report here


City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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