Cochrane Water Audit

Project Description

We completed a water audit for the Town of Cochrane to better understand the supply versus consumption within the Town’s water network. In many water distribution systems a significant percentage of water is lost as leakage. This ultimately allows for the justification of system improvements and the development of spending programs that are based upon a defensible cost-benefit ratio (e.g. leakage repairs, meter calibration, demand management techniques).

The audit described the distribution patterns and broke down the findings into two main categories, Authorized Consumption and Water Losses. The Water Losses were further categorized into Apparent Losses (water that is ultimately consumed but not accounted for in the billing system) and Real Losses. Real Losses are varied but common types include: breaks and leaks through pipes, fittings, joints, reservoir walls and reservoir overflows. To determine the approximate area where the Real Losses were occurring, leak detection analysis was completed for all of Cochrane with a focus on the areas that had a history of watermain leaks. Recommendations and actions were provided to the Town of Cochrane for improved water supply efficiencies based on the outcomes of the audit.


Town of Cochrane, AB


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