Currie Barracks Subdivision

Project Description

Urban Systems Survey Inc. was contracted to assist in transitioning a Canadian Forces Base, originally developed as a World War II training center, into a residential community. This project presented a unique opportunity for The City of Calgary to redevelop a large portion of the inner city.

Quality survey information was required to define the development area, provide detailed information for engineering, and determine historically significant areas. For example, areas of the site have Provincial Historic Resource designation and, as such, the project required close collaboration with the Office of the Minister and Alberta Culture. USSI facilitated approvals and re-designations required to ensure the preservation of historic value.

In addition, the project involved defining the development area through survey of existing buildings and topography to assisting in the design of lots and utility rights-of-way throughout the subdivision. USSI continues to subdivide the lands while maintaining those elements (buildings and historical landmarks) that are considered to be important attributes for the surrounding community.


Canada Lands Company

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