Dawson Creek: Environmental Impact Study

Project Description

We worked with the City of Dawson Creek to produce treated municipal sewage effluent that could be re-used by both the City and the oil and gas industry. The reclaimed water facility provides high quality non-potable water suitable for the use in and around the City and in the oil and gas industry which will reduce the demand on the City’s limited potable water resources. An environmental impact study was conducted to evaluate the risks to public health and the environment as a result of using reclaimed water for the various municipal and industrial activities, and to outline mitigative measures and management practices which will be required in order to protect public health and the environment. The successful completion of the study provided the basis for the BC Ministry of Environment to approve several uses including dust control, street cleaning and irrigation for the City and pipeline testing, firefighting, hydraulic fracturing and well development in the oil and gas industry.


City of Dawson Creek, BC


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