Detail Design and Construction Management of the Lakeshore Road Upgrades

Project Description

Urban Systems was retained by the City of Kelowna to prepare the detailed design and undertake construction management of the upgrades to Lakeshore Road from Cook Road south to Lexington Drive that include replacing the bridge across Mission Creek. Urban Systems is providing environmental management and monitoring services for the project. These services include the completion of a Section 9 Water Act Approval Application as well as a Riparian Mitigation and Compensation Plan for the proposed work at Mission Creek. Applications were also prepared and submitted to the City of Kelowna, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Transport Canada’s Navigable Waters Protection Agency to satisfy regulatory requirements and solicit feedback on proposed environmental mitigation and compensation. An environmental monitoring program is underway to evaluate, and report on the effectiveness of work practices and mitigation measures and recommend and oversee improvements as necessary. A fish salvage operation and surface water quality sampling was carried out as part of the environmental monitoring program.


City of Kelowna, BC

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