District of Coldstream Grid Road and Multi-Use Pathway

Project Description

The Grid Road project included the design and construction of the road alignment, a multi-use pathway, a crossing structure over Vernon Creek, an underpass beneath the existing rail line and a stormwater drainage system. The Urban Systems environmental team played a key role in the planning and design of the project. Responsibilities included the preparation and delivery of an environmental assessment report to meet the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; liaison and communication with the client, government agencies, project engineers and geotechnical engineers; coordination of various sub-consultants including ornithologists, herpetologists, and archaeologists; applications for various regulatory submissions under the federal Fisheries Act, BC Water Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act; completion of a terrestrial habitat assessment and compensation plan; species at risk surveys; fish habitat assessment, fish salvage and fisheries habitat compensation planning; environmental monitoring, follow-up environmental and a post-construction monitoring plan.


District of Coldstream, BC

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