District of Squamish – Liquid Waste Management Plan

Project Description

We are helping the District of Squamish complete a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) to guide it through the next 20 years of sanitary sewage and urban runoff issues. The LWMP is a multi-staged process that will ultimately help the area accommodate significant growth, demonstrate fiscal responsibility and create a long-term vision for wastewater treatment. The planning process will involve the public and other stakeholders to get their support for liquid waste management initiatives and position the District of Squamish as a leader in wastewater treatment and environmental responsibility in BC. In Stage 1, the full list of issues are discussed and prioritized. In Stage 2, different options will be evaluated and given cost estimates. After further study, debate and refinement the preferred management solutions will be packaged into a final direction for the LWMP.


District of Squamish, BC


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