Downtown Fire Protection Study – City of Victoria

Project Description

We helped the City of Victoria develop a strategy to improve the performance of its downtown fire protection system. The current water supply systems don’t meet seismic design standards and couldn’t be depended on after a seismic event.

We worked with the Fire Underwriter’s Survey, the organization responsible for determining fire insurance grades, to develop six conceptual post-seismic fire protection systems. The options included stand-alone dedicated salt water systems fed by dedicated pump stations or fire boats as well as evaluating the seismic upgrading of the existing distribution system.

After evaluating the options with a triple bottom line—assessing social, environmental and economic criteria–the City decided to upgrade their existing water distribution system. This in itself won’t improve the City’s Fire Protection Classification, the upgrades are critical for post-seismic fire protection downtown, an area that has significant value to the region, province and country.


City of Victoria, BC

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