Edmonton Bicycle Route In-Service Road Safety Review

Project Description

The City of Edmonton has focused its efforts on providing a well-connected and well-designed network that increases safety and comfort for all road users, and that is attractive to “interested but concerned” cyclists. We worked with the city to conduct an in-service road safety review of three recently implemented on-street bicycle routes: 95 Avenue, 106 Street and 40 Avenue.

Through this review and detailed analysis of the three bicycle routes, we reviewed the existing design of the routes and evaluated if their design was consistent with existing north American and international guidelines. We also studied before and after installation collision trends, identified perceived and observed safety concerns, and made evidence based recommendations for safety improvements through engineering and also cyclist driver education, encouragement and enforcement to make cycling safer for all cyclists regardless of age, ability and trip purpose within the City of Edmonton.

The findings of the study were presented to Council in October 2014, and the City plans on moving forward implementing many recommendations of the review.


City of Edmonton, AB


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