Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues -100th Anniversary Project

Project Description

The Edmonton Federation of Community League’s (EFCL) 100th Anniversary Project consists of two plaza spaces that anchor a man made stream complete with pathways, interpretive nodes, seating opportunities, and interactive play elements. The project is located in Edmonton’s Hawrelak Park and its design intent consists of two main components: (1) create vibrant and integrated public gathering spaces and (2) use the various design components of the project to tell the story of the EFCL’s history and celebrate the many contributions that this organization and its members have made to communities in the Edmonton area.

The primary plaza is intended to be the focal point and predominant gathering space for the 100th Anniversary project. It is designed to bring people together and to offer opportunities for interaction –
something the community leagues and the EFCL have done for so many years. The design will celebrate
Edmonton’s community leagues, its history, its people, and their contributions to building communities.


Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

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