Aline Hill Microwave Repeater Station

Project Description

BC Hydro is undertaking the Mica Generating Station Units 5 and 6 Projects to install two turbines into existing turbine bays at the Mica Generating Station. The Mica Generating Station Unit 5 project includes the Seymour arm Series Capacitor Station Project which involves construction of:

  • Seymour Arm Capacitor Station
  • Aline Hill Repeater Station

The environmental services provided by Urban Systems pertain to the Aline Hill Microwave Repeater Station. Field reconnaissance was conducted to gain an understanding of the baseline environmental conditions at the site. Any environmentally sensitive areas (i.e. watercourses, woodlands) within, or adjacent to, the proposed work area were identified. In addition, desktop research was conducted to determine the location of known archaeological resources and species at risk occurrences (if any) in relation to the site. Using the information from the desktop research and site visit, several environmental protection plans were prepared. These plans formed the basis of the environmental monitoring program that was undertaken.


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