Financial Sustainability Scorecard for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Project Description

Financial sustainability is a key principle for safeguarding water, sewer, and storm water systems so that they continue to protect public health and the environment, and contribute to economic development. Urban Systems in partnership with the British Columbia Water and Waste Association (BCWWA), has recently developed a financial sustainability scorecard for water and wastewater utilities. The scorecard is a self-assessment tool which is designed to help communities understand if the financial sustainability of their system is at risk. The scorecard covers a broad range of topic areas that are critical to financial sustainability including; policy, financial planning, user fees, reserves, debt and the overall level of awareness.

The Scorecard was designed as a supporting resource for the recent report; Are our Water Systems at Risk? Together with the report the Scorecard is intended to be a catalyst for conversation between water professionals, residents, businesses, and elected officials – to build understanding about the value of BC’s water and wastewater systems.

Download a PDF version of the Financial Sustainability Scorecard


In partnership with BCWWA

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