Grand Forks Long Term Multi-Asset Investment Plan

Project Description

We led the development of a 20 year investment plan integrating all of the City of Grand Forks’ capital assets (i.e. roadway, water, wastewater, drainage, parks, fleet, facilities, solid waste and transit). The plan calculated and presented work backlog (deficit) as well as future renewal requirement costs and timing. The process and plan were detailed enough to gain buy-in from field staff and strategic enough to gain buy-in from Mayor and Council.

Grand Forks has embraced its infrastructure challenges, making bold decisions over the last four years that have set the City apart as a leader in asset management. To date, the city has completed:

  • 20 year Asset Management Investment Plan
  • infrastructure risk and condition assessments
  • sustainable community plan
  • curriculum development for training
  • asset management policies
  • borrowing funds to renew deteriorated infrastructure


City of Grand Forks, BC

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