Harmony Landscape Guidelines

Project Description

Urban Systems was responsible for drafting the Landscape Guidelines for Harmony, a sustainable, master-planned lake community encompassing approximately 707 hectares in Rocky View County, Alberta. Working closely with planners and stormwater engineers, our Landscape Architects created a “landscape vision” for the development, inspired by the region’s history, previous land uses, and the overall design concept for Harmony. These Guidelines provide a comprehensive look at what this unique development has the opportunity to become, and will allow for growth and positive innovation as the project evolves.

Included in the Landscape Guidelines are development principles and goals for Harmony’s extensive open space system, an extensive trail network (including bike lanes, regional pathways, and equestrian trails), various lake edge treatments, village core landscaping, buffers, irrigated area strategies, art and cultural elements, signage, construction materials, plant palette, and maintenance responsibilities. – See more at: http://urbanblair.wpengine.com/projects/lowimpactdesdev-harmony.htm#sthash.KLStNzPs.dpuf


Harmony, Alberta

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