Harmony Waste Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

Harmony is a self-contained development just west of Calgary that will produce an estimated maximum daily flow of 7,520 m³/d. The treatment plant selected will be built in phases. It includes grit removal, influent equalization, mechanical fine screens (2 mm openings), anoxic and aerobic bioreactors, immersed membranes, UV disinfection and chlorination. Sludge will be aerobically digested and then dewatered using a centrifuge. All effluent will be reused on golf courses with a 0 m setback.

A 400,000 m³ lined storage pond will be constructed as part of this facility. The pond will be aerated and also includes a piped drainage collection system under the liner (to be operated, if necessary when the pond is emptied).

Odour control is provided on the headworks facility using prepackaged units that have a biological component and activated carbon.


Harmony Developments

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