Harmony Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

We worked with Harmony Developments on the feasibility, pre-design and detailed design for a water treatment plant in their Calgary development. The plant treats water from the Bow River with pre-treatment (i.e. coagulation/flocculation), ultra-filtration membranes and disinfection with UV light and sodium hypochlorite. The plant’s design is based on a two-stage approach whereby 4.2 MLD will be treated during the first phase and easily expanded to a final treatment capacity of 10.5 MLD.

We chose this process to meet Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources Development water quality criteria as well as Harmony Development’s requirements.

The process residuals generated during treatment will go through a secondary membrane treatment and residual process water will be transferred to the Harmony plant where it will undergo treatment prior to being reused. This additional treatment will be implemented during Phase 2 of the project when the residuals volume become too large for on-site disposal.


Harmony Developments Inc.

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