Integrated Stormwater Management Planning (ISMP)

Project Description

Over the past 10 years, Urban Systems has successfully developed integrated stormwater management plans (ISMPs) for 19 municipalities in Alberta and British Columbia. These plans typically place heightened emphasis on many components that enable sustainable management of communities’ water resources and provide necessary tools for successful implementation. They encompass a full range of stormwater management objectives, including:

  • Managing the full range of rain and snow events to prevent flooding, erosion and environmental impacts
  • Setting appropriate stormwater quantity and quality targets to meet watershed protection goals, and formulating strategies and servicing concepts to meet the targets;
  • Integrating low impact approaches and stormwater source controls with more conventional stormwater infrastructure;
  • Protecting wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas;
  • Developing comprehensive municipal processes (policies, guidelines and enforcement procedures) to support plan implementation;
  • Developing sustainable financing strategies to enable capital investment into new and retrofit drainage infrastructure;
  • Preparing implementation plans and adaptive management strategies.

While our primary client base for ISMPs has been urban municipalities, we have also prepared similar plans for large-scale developments within a sensitive environment and with limited off-site servicing options.


City of Vancouver, City of Surrey, City of White Rock, City of Campbell River, City of Kamloops, City of Kelowna,
Town of Cochrane, Town of Chestermere, Harmony development, Town of Cochrane, Town of Chestermere, Harmony Development and the University of Calgary.

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