Integrated Sustainability Plan and Official Community Plan – District of Hudson’s Hope

Project Description

We assisted the District of Hudson’s Hope undertake the concurrent development of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and Official Community Plan.

The planning process addressed impacts associated with industrial expansion in the surrounding area including mining, oil and gas, and energy. There was a strong focus on issues associated with sustainability.

Building on the success of previous projects, we undertook a week-long consultation program, ‘OCP-in-a-Week‘. This program included meeting with key stakeholders throughout the community as well as the public. Unique in this planning process was meeting with all the high school students at the local school as well as undertaking ‘Mayor for a Day’ sessions with Grade 5/6 students. This approach to consultation was welcomed by students as their voice is often not sought for in such processes; students were able to share their views for the future and provide input on the community plan. Additionally, to broaden the range of people consulted with, members of our team held informal meetings with members of the public at the post office and parents at a figure skating practice.

Public consultation aided the team in developing a community plan, which strives to maintain Hudson’s Hope’s “small town feel” while at the same time accommodating growth and development.


District of Hudson's Hope, BC


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