Integration of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and Private Lands

Project Description

The Province of Alberta acquired the Glenbow Ranch and established it as a provincial park in 2007. Surrounding the park is private land that will be developed in the future. The goal of this project was to anticipate and manage potential interactions between the park and the private lands in order to achieve a harmonious and integrated park and future community. The work included an environmental analysis, visual analysis, preparation and evaluation of options for the park plan and private development, and the preparation of design guidelines. Our team worked with the Province and representatives of the private land owners to build consensus on the analysis and design guidelines.

The GIS component of the work involved terrain modelling and overlay analysis to determine the most environmentally and culturally sensitive areas within the park, visibility analysis of the private lands from key locations within the park, and 3D visualizations of potential buildings from park viewpoints.


Province of Alberta Parks

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