Iskut First Nation Water Systems Improvement

Project Description

The Iskut First Nation retained Urban Systems to complete a feasibility study on their existing water system. The study identified three major areas in need of improvement: source treatment, distribution system water quality and system reliability.

A hydrogeological assessment of the water supply wells was completed in conjunction with the feasibility study. The hydrogeological assessment identified the wells as potentially under the direct influence of surface water. This means that pathogens normally found in surface water may be capable of contaminating the Iskut wells. As such, a treatment system was designed and constructed to provide primary and secondary disinfection of the source water. Modifications were made to level controls and the creek crossing to improve both water quality and distribution system reliability.

The new system is equipped with fully automated controls and SCADA which allows Urban Systems to provide troubleshooting assistance and control modifications through a remote connection to the system.


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